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If you have any problem with a certificate, perhaps the questions in our FAQ will help you out. Visit the FAQ page here.

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Your First Application Only:

Ask for username & password

As a Marte Meo Educator applying for the first time for digital Marte Meo Certificates you will need a username & password.
Click on »Ask for username & password« and please fill out the brief form. Your username & password will be sent per e-mail. After receiving these you might upload the essential information to obtain your Marte Meo Certificates.


Regular Users:

Add certificates

If you posses already username & password:

To obtain Marte Meo Certificates on behalf of your graduated students some essential information is needed, which you can upload on this website page.
Therefor: Click on »Add certificates« to produce a digital form; please fill out.
All further instructions to submit the form can be found in the form itself.

If you have any questions, please have a look at our FAQ page.


Change Your Uploaded Data:

Modification Form

You want to change/complete your Personal Data on the website?
Click on the red button »Modification Form«. A modification form will appear.