Tell everyone… 15 May 2011

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[15-05-2011] Today I received the following e-mail from a Marte Meo Supervisor in Australia. It is about how we communicate within our »international Marte Meo network«, moreover the content of the mail shows us, how well the Marte Meo information works out in situations being illustrated hereafter. I would like to share the mail with you:

    Dear Maria
I am thinking about what to present to a conference and so I asked a Marte Meo Grandmother, what she liked about Marte Meo. I have done about 5 reviews with this lady to help in her relationship with her intellectually disabled grandchild. The grandmother said this about Marte Meo:

“Marte Meo shows things we don’t normally see.”
“It sticks in your brain.”

Finally The Grandmother said:
“It is like stepping blocks, mini, small, medium, large, extra large and maybe multiplex at the end.”

I asked if this lady would mind if I quoted her and she said: “Tell everyone… and tell them in the mental institutions, that they should know about this too… this would help so many people to get more out of their life.”

Maria I am hup hupping {»Happ-Happ-moment«. M.A.} this conversation. It is so lovely to be able to help people in this way. Thank you for your willingness to share with us in Australia how to be more helpful to people.

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