Four Swedish School Leaders 27 May 2012

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[Haslum, 13-5-2012] We received from Sissel Holten the following mail concerning certification of 4 Swedish school leaders:

Hello Maria,

At the Marte Meo Nordic Congress, Nyborg (Denmark, 1/3-5-2012) I promised to send you some words about my four Swedish school leaders who I've been training for two years now. They all received their Marte Certification during the latest Marte Meo Nordic Congress.

They find Marte Meo a very good help during their work as leaders, because they learn to see the teacher in an exact way by means of the films. Marte Meo also give them a good opportunity to help the

help the teachers with the leading skills at their classroom and so being more aware of the power of good relations with their pupils during teaching.
By the way: Your website is very informing! I tell everyone to take a look so they can be inspired!
Big smile,


Further information:
Sissel Holten,
Kitty Kiellands vei 16a,
1344 Haslum | Norway
Tel.: (+47)-908 55 909

Photo (taken by Johan Berntsson, rektor Mølndal kommune Sweden; f.r.t.l.): ?Ingela Borén, Rektor Mølndal kommune, Sweden; Sissel Holten, Licensed Marte Meo Superviser, Norway; ? Hans Bjørklund, Rektor Mølndal kommune, Sweden;? Maria Wirén, Rektor Mølndal kommune, Sweden

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