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Marte Meo Abschluss der Therapeuten/Kollegentrainer Ausbildung in Corona Zeiten in Bildungswerk Aachen.
Germany 19-08-2020
Entwicklung begleiten mit Marte Meo® – Fachtag mit Maria Aarts in Münster
Germany 07-11-2019
Marte Meo Therapist & Supervisor Certificate Award Ceremony
Ireland 24-10-2019
Marte Meo in South Korea
Korea, Republic of 02-10-2019
Wieder eine neue Marte Meo Kita!
Germany 14-03-2019
Marte Meo in Seoul, Sudkorea
Korea, Republic of 19-11-2018
Marte Meo in Polen
Poland 19-11-2018
Marte Meo Fachtag Idstein
Germany 24-10-2018
Marte Meo Masterclass
Germany 23-10-2018
Munich: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 24-02-2016
Herne/Gerrmany: Opening Marte Meo Centra at Ruhr
Germany 03-12-2015
Monheim: To Stimulate Development - Developing Stimulation
Germany 12-11-2015
Graz/Austria: Special Marte Meo Evening Session
Germany 11-03-2015
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Germany: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 19-11-2014
Herne (Germany): Marte Meo in Day Care
Germany 29-10-2014
Ludwigshafen - 29-09-2014
Germany 29-09-2014
Warendorf/Caritas: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 18-09-2014
Norway: Nordic Marte Meo Congress 2014: »Magiske øyeblikk – Magic moments« [Day 2]
Norway 12-09-2014
Norway: Nordic Marte Meo Congress 2014: »Magiske øyeblikk – Magic moments«
Norway 11-09-2014
Bergen/Norway: Symposium »Marte Meo Medical« 2014
Norway 10-09-2014
Croatia: Marte Meo Symposium Novigrad
Croatia 02-09-2014
Marte Meo International/Eindhoven: Licensed Supervisors at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Netherlands 25-06-2014
Minden/Germany: Marte Meo Symposium: »Safely Attached Moving In Life« Supporting development with the Marte Meo Method
Germany 23-05-2014
KiTa Frankfurt (Day care Frankfurt): Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 22-05-2014
Gernsheim [20-5-2014]: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 20-05-2014
Freiburg [03-05-2014]: »Marte Meo in Day Care, Kindergarten & School«
Germany 03-05-2014
Monheim on Rhine: Symposium
Germany 08-04-2014
Alpen/Weitblck e.V.: Marte Meo Symposium: »Friends in School«
Germany 03-04-2014
Hanau [18-03-2014]: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 29-03-2014
Hanau [17-03-2014]: Marte Meo Evening Presentation
Germany 17-03-2014
Eindhoven [7-3-2014]: Training Review Mental Ill Parents
Netherlands 07-03-2014
Zorggroep Groningen: Family Evening & Submitting Marte Meo Certificates
Netherlands 06-03-2014
Tamworth: 2-Days Marte Meo Symposium [Day One]
Australia 17-02-2014
Groß-Umstadt: Symposium with Maria Aarts & Dr. Michael Hipp
Germany 10-12-2013
Symposium with Maria Aarts & Dr. Michael Hipp
Germany 09-12-2013
DRK/Borken: Graduation Day Marte Meo Therapist Course 2012/13
Germany 02-12-2013
Castrop-Rauxel: Symposium Marte Meo Movement Germany
Germany 18-11-2013
Castrop-Rauxel: Marte Meo Movement Germany - Meeting Organisation
Germany 17-11-2013
dahlia: Marte Meo Supervision [In-Company]
Switzerland 12-11-2013
Heidelberg/Fachhochschule: Eltern - Kinder - Brücke
Germany 28-10-2013
Kusel/County Kusel: 6th Network Conference
Germany 17-10-2013
Hanau/Praxis: Marte Meo Symposium - »On One's Own Strength«
Germany 15-10-2013
Mainz: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 03-09-2013
Marte Meo International: Supersvisors Training For Lic. Supervisor
Netherlands 14-08-2013
Kristiansand [12/13-06-2013]: Marte Meo Seminar - When mental problems make mentalisation difficult
Norway 13-06-2013
Bergen/GJ KOMPTETANSE (10-06-2013): Marte Meo Symposium
Norway 10-06-2013
Darwin [20&21-05-2013]: Basic Marte Meo Days
Australia 20-05-2013
Benevolent Society (Cairns, 17-5-2013): Marte Meo Presentation
Australia 17-05-2013
Sydney (15-05-2013): Brush-up Day for Marte Meo Supervisors
Australia 15-05-2013
Sydney [KU Children's Services]: Marte Meo Supervisor Training
Australia 14-05-2013
Canberra/Connections [09/11-05-2013]: 5th Biennial National Conference [Day 3 - Key note speach Maria Aarts]
Australia 11-05-2013
Canberra/Connections [09-05-2013]: 5th Biennial National Conference [Day 2 - Gala Dinner at Parliament House]
Australia 10-05-2013
Canberra/Connections [09-05-2013]: 5th Biennial National Conference [Day 1 - Workshop Maria Aarts]
Australia 09-05-2013
Adelaide: 5 Years Marte Meo Training
Australia 07-05-2013
Brisbane / Bensoc: Marte Meo International Certification
Australia 03-05-2013
Marte Meo in Dubrovnik
Croatia 27-04-2013
Malmö: National Marte Meo Conference in Sweden
Sweden 21-03-2013
Copenhagen: Marte Meo Brush-up Course for Supervisors & Lic. Supervisors by Maria Aarts
Denmark 20-03-2013
Copenhagen: Marte Meo International News & Live Supervision & Master Class by Maria Aarts
Denmark 19-03-2013
Århus/ Great Day With Maria Aarts
Denmark 18-03-2013
11th Leipzig Symposium on Child & Youth Voices
Germany 23-02-2013
Aachen: Marte Meo in der KiTa
Germany 28-01-2013
Münster: Marte Meo Fachtag »Eltern helfen Eltern«
Germany 26-01-2013
Olpe [22-1-2013]: Aus eigener Kraft - Interaktion die wirkt!
Germany 22-01-2013
Stadthagen [VHS Schaumburg]: Marte Meo Therapist / Colleague Trainer
Germany 15-01-2013
Eindhoven: Ausbildungstage für Marte Meo Lic. Supervisors [17 & 18-12-2012] & Konferenz norwegischer Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors [19-12-2012]
Netherlands 19-12-2012
Eindhoven: Marte Meo Supervisor Training [Startwoche] [Gruppe 1 + 2]
Netherlands 11-12-2012
Herzogenbuchsee: Internationales Treffen Institutionen Altersbereich die mit Marte Meo arbeiten
Switzerland 26-10-2012
Wiedliesbach: 1. Schweizerischer Marte Meo Fachtag für den Altersbereich
Switzerland 25-10-2012
St. Wagerenhof, Uster (b. ZUurich): Marte Meo In-Company Veranstaltung
Switzerland 24-10-2012
Uster [b. Zürich]: Schweizerische Marte Meo Bewegung: Supervisorentag
Switzerland 23-10-2012
Uster [b. Zürich]: Fachtag der »Marte Meo Bewegung Schweiz«
Switzerland 22-10-2012
Weingarten: Erster »Marte Meo Medical« Kongress
Germany 20-10-2012
CIP: Psychotherapie-Tagung 2012
Germany 19-10-2012
Saarbrücken: Marte Meo in der ambulanten Jugendhilfe AWO Saarland
Germany 12-10-2012
Leipzig: ABIS - Marte Meo Workshop
Germany 11-10-2012
AWO Eschwege: Marte Meo Fachtag - 25 Jhare Ambulante Hilfen
Germany 10-10-2012
Dublin/HSE [01-10-2012/03-10-2012]: Various Marte Meo Events
Ireland 03-10-2012
Eindhoven: Brush-up Kursustag Marte Meo Supervisors
Netherlands 28-09-2012
Eindhoven: Marte Meo Supervisors Course - Group II
Netherlands 27-09-2012
Eindhoven: Marte Meo Supervisors Course - Group I
Netherlands 25-09-2012
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz DRK-Borken: Marte Meo Therapist Ausbildung
Germany 19-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [04]
Croatia 12-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [03]
Croatia 11-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [02]
Croatia 10-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [01]
Croatia 09-09-2012
Dresden: Marte Meo Bewegung - Fachtag & Bewegungstag
Germany 04-09-2012
Adelaide (AAIMHI): Marte Meo Introduction Day
Australia 16-07-2012
Sydney: Marte Meo Supervisor Training KU Children's Services
Australia 29-06-2012
Sydney: Marte Meo Supervisors Graduates
Australia 26-06-2012
Graduates in Skövde/Sweden
Sweden 24-06-2012
Hospiz Erkelenz: Marte Meo und der »andere« Mensch
Germany 05-06-2012
Stadthagen [Germany]: A Brighter Future By Your Own Strengths
Germany 31-05-2012
Nordisk Marte Meo Kongres: KEEP IT SIMPLE
Denmark 01-05-2012

Århus/ Great Day With Maria Aarts

Aarhus: Marte Meo Symposium

[Århus, Denmark - 18-03-2013]

Århus/ Great day with Maria Aarts

Organisation: Dorte Nikolajsen, from »«.

At the 18th of March, 2013, we experienced a great day in Århus with Maria Aarts. 130 therapists and supervisors found their way to Århus University at that day to hear about the latest news on »Marte Meo international« activities, presented by Maria Aarts.

The Marte Meo professionals from Denmark, surprisingly not only restricted to the Jutland region, were conveyed a lot of information concerning new Marte Meo working areas, and received brush-up information and as well as professional tips related to the every day operation of Marte Meo professionals.

During the afternoon some participants brought in their own footage from their Marte Meo practice, on which Maria did live supervision.

At this day in Århus Maria Aarts wanted the Danish Marte Meo professionals getting acquainted at first hand with the many wonderful new Marte Meo experiences from all over the world and anew stepped down with the audience into »the Marte Meo universe«.
As you could rely on, she did a marvelous job listening to a few of the audience's reactions, after Maria finished her presentation day:

  • »What a great day!«
  • »Thanks for that day Maria and Dorte! Now I am ready to go study!«
  • »Wow, until Maria's today's presentation, I had forgotten how much power Marte Meo gives to me!«
  • »I was smiling all the way back home. I am still smiling!«

Maria will be back in Denmark/Århus next year.
So, keep an eye on the websites of »Marte Meo International« ( and »« (
     [Text: Dorte Nikolajsen]

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