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Marte Meo Abschluss der Therapeuten/Kollegentrainer Ausbildung in Corona Zeiten in Bildungswerk Aachen.
Germany 19-08-2020
Entwicklung begleiten mit Marte Meo® – Fachtag mit Maria Aarts in Münster
Germany 07-11-2019
Marte Meo Therapist & Supervisor Certificate Award Ceremony
Ireland 24-10-2019
Marte Meo in South Korea
Korea, Republic of 02-10-2019
Wieder eine neue Marte Meo Kita!
Germany 14-03-2019
Marte Meo in Seoul, Sudkorea
Korea, Republic of 19-11-2018
Marte Meo in Polen
Poland 19-11-2018
Marte Meo Fachtag Idstein
Germany 24-10-2018
Marte Meo Masterclass
Germany 23-10-2018
Munich: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 24-02-2016
Herne/Gerrmany: Opening Marte Meo Centra at Ruhr
Germany 03-12-2015
Monheim: To Stimulate Development - Developing Stimulation
Germany 12-11-2015
Graz/Austria: Special Marte Meo Evening Session
Germany 11-03-2015
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/Germany: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 19-11-2014
Herne (Germany): Marte Meo in Day Care
Germany 29-10-2014
Ludwigshafen - 29-09-2014
Germany 29-09-2014
Warendorf/Caritas: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 18-09-2014
Norway: Nordic Marte Meo Congress 2014: »Magiske øyeblikk – Magic moments« [Day 2]
Norway 12-09-2014
Norway: Nordic Marte Meo Congress 2014: »Magiske øyeblikk – Magic moments«
Norway 11-09-2014
Bergen/Norway: Symposium »Marte Meo Medical« 2014
Norway 10-09-2014
Croatia: Marte Meo Symposium Novigrad
Croatia 02-09-2014
Marte Meo International/Eindhoven: Licensed Supervisors at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Netherlands 25-06-2014
Minden/Germany: Marte Meo Symposium: »Safely Attached Moving In Life« Supporting development with the Marte Meo Method
Germany 23-05-2014
KiTa Frankfurt (Day care Frankfurt): Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 22-05-2014
Gernsheim [20-5-2014]: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 20-05-2014
Freiburg [03-05-2014]: »Marte Meo in Day Care, Kindergarten & School«
Germany 03-05-2014
Monheim on Rhine: Symposium
Germany 08-04-2014
Alpen/Weitblck e.V.: Marte Meo Symposium: »Friends in School«
Germany 03-04-2014
Hanau [18-03-2014]: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 29-03-2014
Hanau [17-03-2014]: Marte Meo Evening Presentation
Germany 17-03-2014
Eindhoven [7-3-2014]: Training Review Mental Ill Parents
Netherlands 07-03-2014
Zorggroep Groningen: Family Evening & Submitting Marte Meo Certificates
Netherlands 06-03-2014
Tamworth: 2-Days Marte Meo Symposium [Day One]
Australia 17-02-2014
Groß-Umstadt: Symposium with Maria Aarts & Dr. Michael Hipp
Germany 10-12-2013
Symposium with Maria Aarts & Dr. Michael Hipp
Germany 09-12-2013
DRK/Borken: Graduation Day Marte Meo Therapist Course 2012/13
Germany 02-12-2013
Castrop-Rauxel: Symposium Marte Meo Movement Germany
Germany 18-11-2013
Castrop-Rauxel: Marte Meo Movement Germany - Meeting Organisation
Germany 17-11-2013
dahlia: Marte Meo Supervision [In-Company]
Switzerland 12-11-2013
Heidelberg/Fachhochschule: Eltern - Kinder - Brücke
Germany 28-10-2013
Kusel/County Kusel: 6th Network Conference
Germany 17-10-2013
Hanau/Praxis: Marte Meo Symposium - »On One's Own Strength«
Germany 15-10-2013
Mainz: Marte Meo Symposium
Germany 03-09-2013
Marte Meo International: Supersvisors Training For Lic. Supervisor
Netherlands 14-08-2013
Kristiansand [12/13-06-2013]: Marte Meo Seminar - When mental problems make mentalisation difficult
Norway 13-06-2013
Bergen/GJ KOMPTETANSE (10-06-2013): Marte Meo Symposium
Norway 10-06-2013
Darwin [20&21-05-2013]: Basic Marte Meo Days
Australia 20-05-2013
Benevolent Society (Cairns, 17-5-2013): Marte Meo Presentation
Australia 17-05-2013
Sydney (15-05-2013): Brush-up Day for Marte Meo Supervisors
Australia 15-05-2013
Sydney [KU Children's Services]: Marte Meo Supervisor Training
Australia 14-05-2013
Canberra/Connections [09/11-05-2013]: 5th Biennial National Conference [Day 3 - Key note speach Maria Aarts]
Australia 11-05-2013
Canberra/Connections [09-05-2013]: 5th Biennial National Conference [Day 2 - Gala Dinner at Parliament House]
Australia 10-05-2013
Canberra/Connections [09-05-2013]: 5th Biennial National Conference [Day 1 - Workshop Maria Aarts]
Australia 09-05-2013
Adelaide: 5 Years Marte Meo Training
Australia 07-05-2013
Brisbane / Bensoc: Marte Meo International Certification
Australia 03-05-2013
Marte Meo in Dubrovnik
Croatia 27-04-2013
Malmö: National Marte Meo Conference in Sweden
Sweden 21-03-2013
Copenhagen: Marte Meo Brush-up Course for Supervisors & Lic. Supervisors by Maria Aarts
Denmark 20-03-2013
Copenhagen: Marte Meo International News & Live Supervision & Master Class by Maria Aarts
Denmark 19-03-2013
Århus/ Great Day With Maria Aarts
Denmark 18-03-2013
11th Leipzig Symposium on Child & Youth Voices
Germany 23-02-2013
Aachen: Marte Meo in der KiTa
Germany 28-01-2013
Münster: Marte Meo Fachtag »Eltern helfen Eltern«
Germany 26-01-2013
Olpe [22-1-2013]: Aus eigener Kraft - Interaktion die wirkt!
Germany 22-01-2013
Stadthagen [VHS Schaumburg]: Marte Meo Therapist / Colleague Trainer
Germany 15-01-2013
Eindhoven: Ausbildungstage für Marte Meo Lic. Supervisors [17 & 18-12-2012] & Konferenz norwegischer Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors [19-12-2012]
Netherlands 19-12-2012
Eindhoven: Marte Meo Supervisor Training [Startwoche] [Gruppe 1 + 2]
Netherlands 11-12-2012
Herzogenbuchsee: Internationales Treffen Institutionen Altersbereich die mit Marte Meo arbeiten
Switzerland 26-10-2012
Wiedliesbach: 1. Schweizerischer Marte Meo Fachtag für den Altersbereich
Switzerland 25-10-2012
St. Wagerenhof, Uster (b. ZUurich): Marte Meo In-Company Veranstaltung
Switzerland 24-10-2012
Uster [b. Zürich]: Schweizerische Marte Meo Bewegung: Supervisorentag
Switzerland 23-10-2012
Uster [b. Zürich]: Fachtag der »Marte Meo Bewegung Schweiz«
Switzerland 22-10-2012
Weingarten: Erster »Marte Meo Medical« Kongress
Germany 20-10-2012
CIP: Psychotherapie-Tagung 2012
Germany 19-10-2012
Saarbrücken: Marte Meo in der ambulanten Jugendhilfe AWO Saarland
Germany 12-10-2012
Leipzig: ABIS - Marte Meo Workshop
Germany 11-10-2012
AWO Eschwege: Marte Meo Fachtag - 25 Jhare Ambulante Hilfen
Germany 10-10-2012
Dublin/HSE [01-10-2012/03-10-2012]: Various Marte Meo Events
Ireland 03-10-2012
Eindhoven: Brush-up Kursustag Marte Meo Supervisors
Netherlands 28-09-2012
Eindhoven: Marte Meo Supervisors Course - Group II
Netherlands 27-09-2012
Eindhoven: Marte Meo Supervisors Course - Group I
Netherlands 25-09-2012
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz DRK-Borken: Marte Meo Therapist Ausbildung
Germany 19-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [04]
Croatia 12-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [03]
Croatia 11-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [02]
Croatia 10-09-2012
First Marte Meo International Conference, Croatia, Šibenik 2012 [01]
Croatia 09-09-2012
Dresden: Marte Meo Bewegung - Fachtag & Bewegungstag
Germany 04-09-2012
Adelaide (AAIMHI): Marte Meo Introduction Day
Australia 16-07-2012
Sydney: Marte Meo Supervisor Training KU Children's Services
Australia 29-06-2012
Sydney: Marte Meo Supervisors Graduates
Australia 26-06-2012
Graduates in Skövde/Sweden
Sweden 24-06-2012
Hospiz Erkelenz: Marte Meo und der »andere« Mensch
Germany 05-06-2012
Stadthagen [Germany]: A Brighter Future By Your Own Strengths
Germany 31-05-2012
Nordisk Marte Meo Kongres: KEEP IT SIMPLE
Denmark 01-05-2012

Malmö: National Marte Meo Conference in Sweden

[Malmö, 21/22-03-2013] The »Swedish Marte Meo association« held its annual conference in Malmö on the 21st and 22nd of March, 2013. It was two quite amazing days with nearly 200 participants - and a lot of people on the waiting list. Sweden has a relatively small population, and we usually have around 100 people on our local conferences, so this was a record!

See full text in »Marte Meo WORLD«; click here.

Further information:
Ingegerd Wirtberg

Svenska Marte Meo-föreningen
Swedish Marte Meo organisation