Marte Meo - A Good Start In Life 17 May 2011

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Frank Harries (Marburg, Germany) sent me the following mail [16-04-2011]:

Dear Maria,
I would like to to tell you about some news and forward them to you: Two days ago I got the message, that our project: »Marte Meo - a good start into life« will receive funds of about 20.000 Euros; isn't that great? And Marte Meo is part of the Masterstudies of the University of Giessen with the focus on early childhood, where I will present Marte Meo as a psychologist, who works with Marte Meo in practice.

And Mrs. Prof. Dr. Schnoor from the University of Marburg has asked, if I would like to teach Marte Meo as a lecturer starting with the new semester in fall. And GISA, an institute for educational training, which offers trainings and education inter-regional, wants to ad Marte Meo to their repertoire. You see, Marte Meo is already familiar in our region and will surely spread in the future too. I wish you a good time - will see you soon in Eindhoven - lots of love,

[See Frank Harries' LINK on this website]
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