Marte Meo Highlighted On Healing Thresholds 21 January 2012

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Video-Based Program Helps Families with Autism
Marte Meo was recently highlighted on Healing Thresholds:

[Posted by Healing Thresholds: 24-10-2011] Marte Meo therapy is designed to help families with autism. This video-based therapy helps parents and caregivers communicate and support emotional development in children with autism. Marte Meo provides practical information and offers support and advice to increase family self-confidence and parenting skills. This article highlights program offerings at Ireland’s Dublin City University's University of Enterprise. The Marte Meo program was developed by Maria Aarts in 1987 as a way to make therapy information accessible to families, particularly in the area of early intervention. Marte Meo is now an international organization with tailor made therapy programs for different countries.

Read original article: Launch of HSE-Funded Report on Marte Meo

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