DCU, HSE, Marte Meo Research Colloquium 2 September 2010

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Colette O’ Donovan [Co-ordinator Marte Meo Training Centre, HSE, Dublin North Central]

A Marte Meo Research Colloquium was recently (2nd September, 2010) hosted by the School of Nursing, DCU (Dublin City University) and the Marte Meo Training Centre, HSE, Dublin North Central (Health Service Executive, Ireland). The colloquium was a presentation of current research from Ireland, Norway and Sweden on the »Marte Meo Method«.

The Marte Meo method was first introduced to Ireland in 1991. It is a training and intervention programme of communication with families within the HSE and voluntary agencies and is used in services from birth to old age.

The colloquium was formally opened and addressed by Professor Briain MacCraith, President, DCU. An address was also made by Ms. Catherine McGonagle, Head, School of Nursing, DCU and Mr. Gerry Reid, General Manager, HSE Dublin North Central.

A presentation on the development of Marte Meo in Ireland was given by Ms. Maria Aarts, Founder of the Marte Meo Method, and Ms. Colette O’ Donovan, Co-ordinator Marte Meo Training Centre, HSE.

Three research papers were presented:

1) The Dynamics of Sharing Professional Knowledge and Lay Knowledge: A study of parents’ and professionals’ experiences of childhood interventions within a Marte Meo framework (emerging findings).
Research team: Dr. Jean Clarke, Dr. Mel Duffy, Ms. Yvonne Corcoran, School of Nursing, DCU and Ms. Colette O’ Donovan, HSE.

2) Developmentally Supportive Interaction for Infants (0-24 months) Based on Marte Meo Guidance: A randomised control trial of home-based, video assisted interventions for parent-infant interaction.
Dr. Marit Bergum-Hansen, National Network for the Study of Infant Health in Norway.

3) Marte Meo Research with Schools and Families: Lessons from two perspectives on research.
Dr. Ingegerd Wirtberg, Department of Psychology, University of Lund, Sweden.

The Irish study will be completed in Spring 2011 at which time a report on the findings will be launched.

For further information contact:
Colette O’ Donovan, Co-ordinator, Marte Meo Training Centre, HSE, Dublin North Central, 193, Richmond Road, Fairview, Dublin 3.
Tel.: (+353)-(0)1-857 54 75.
E-mail: colette.odonovan@hse.ie

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