Upload Certificates of January 2013 13 February 2013

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[13-02-2013] The Marte Meo Certificates updated till the 1st of February 2013, January improvements included, has been uploaded completely under »Certificates«.

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  • Visitors have access to the website addresses of the professionals as well, if submitted to us, by clicking on the name of the institute or the private praxis.

If changes need to be made, please contact Hans Honders or Gonnie Aarts.

[Last upload: 13th of February, 2013] Certificate updates will provide at a regular base

If e-mail addresses and/or website addresses should be removed or alterations are needed, please contact the webmaster Hans Honders.

Further information
concerning the certificates, mail to GONNIE AARTS: aartsgonnie@martemeo.com

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