Sydney: Training Days by Naomi Iliffe 28 February 2012

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Marte Meo Therapist Level Training Course 2012.

Venue & Date:
Venue Sydney Metro (TBA); 04-07-2012 & 05-07-2012

Places are available to complete a 6 day Marte Meo Therapist level training, provided by Naomi Iliffe, Psychologist and Marte Meo Therapist & Supervisor. A limit of 12 places are available, closing date Friday 18th May 2012. Participants must have completed Marte Meo Practitioner level prior to undertaking Marte Meo Therapist level.

Please also note that to undertake Marte Meo supervision at Therapist level participants will need to video clients, families and/or children they are working with for analysis and application of the Marte Meo model.

Further Information:

Course Costs: A$ 1500, plus A$ 40 at completion of training for Registration with Marte Meo International.

For Registration please contact NAOMI ILIFFE:
Mobile: (+61)-(0)415-72 77 33

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