Sissel Holten’s Scandinavian School Work 9 July 2011

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I know Sissel Holten »ever since«, as they say; we are knowing each other and working together since the early Nineties and especially Sissel's school work became well known and is appreciated in many a region in Norway. She is one of our Norwegian Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors (no. 33), after being Marte Meo Supervisor no. 83, which surely points back to an old date. Since then she went to work with Marte Meo information in the school and education field and I found it delightful to read her mail of the Fourth of July, 2011, that runs as follows [no major editing have been done to the text. M.A.]:

Dear Maria,

I can follow your fantastic work in Australia on your website. »Marte Meo all over the world« can be your goal formulation, :-). I am so impressed by your work, and so happy about the way Marte Meo is growing! You give us all inspiration to keep going on with the good Marte Meo work, and I just love to use the method. I know I will continue doing so as long as I am staying strong.

I must tell you that I have written a book about how I have used the Marte Meo-method in schools in Norway throughout the last ten years. The title of the book is:

»Confident Classroom Leadership - Through well functioning dialogues with the pupils.
Experiences from using the Marte Meo-method«.

The book is published by Gyldendal [Website:], one of the two big publishers in the country (Norway).

Several school organisations now want me to do courses all over the country. I have a project going on in Sweden too, where I supervise four school leaders in using Marte Meo as a Classroom leadership program for the teachers.

I started, as you probably remember, in 2000 with educating teachers to be »Marte Meo veiledere« (= Supervisor. M.A.) through two years of supervising. I follow exactly the same pattern as the therapist education. Now we have about 40 Marte Meo veiledere and 4 (soon 5) supervisors, who will be educated through this program over two years. Since then hundreds of Norwegian teachers have learned how to come in good dialogue with their pupils.

One of the supervisors I educated, specialised in using Marte Meo in her work with the teacher students from the high school. It is so good to see how calm, safe and worm the students come out to be by means of Marte Meo.

Summer is here, and the big family is gathering around the house for some weeks. Lovely!!
I hope that everything is good for all of you, and that Hans still is going strong too!

Best wishes from Sissel Holten.

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