Naming Is Amazing 1 January 2011

Marte Meo | Maria Aarts | Joanna Elford | Selective mutism

I received the following mail:

Hi Maria! I had a Marte Meo experience the other day in a therapy session, which Mum thought I should share with you! The client I was working with is a 4 year old girl, who was referred to us because she presents with selective mutism. I've had three sessions so far with her and her parents, during which she's talked to me once, when she, myself, and her brother were playing.

At the beginning of the session, she was too shy to come in to the therapy room alone with me. However, her Mum and I convinced the girl to let Mum leave after a little while. At this point, the girl sat on the floor in a ball, sucking her fingers. I started to name what she was doing and feeling, and she turned her back to me, still in a ball, sucking her fingers. So I continued to name her actions and emotions, and after about 20 minutes (it felt like much longer!!), she began to show me some toys behind her back. Then, she turned around to face me, opened up, and began chatting away! For the rest of the session I followed her play ideas, and she continued to talk happily, saying that she had fun and wanted to come back next week. So, there you go… Isn't naming amazing!
Thanks for everything, JOANNA, Trainee Psychologist.

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