Method successful, because it fits the family! 3 December 2011

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Marte Meo Certificates October 2011

[Eifel, Urft, October 2011] Three employees of Hermann Josef Haus (Urft, Germany; Institute for Child, Youth & Family Care; Website: qualified for Marte Meo Therapist. Christa Thelen supervised the project; she is en Marte Meo Licensed Supervisor.

While Christa Thelen closely accompanied the students in house during the education everybody was able to profit from the students’ knowledge from the very moment on: the institute, the young persons, the parents / carers and colleagues in house. Not only in one to one moments, but also in every day group situations children learned with help of Marte Meo to get a positive sense of themselves and/or became more social attentive.
The Marte Meo diagnose makes it precisely clear, which points of development need attention and where developmental help is needed, so professionals will be able to work thoroughly with family and/or colleagues on those points.

Because the Marte Meo Method fits correct to a dot being flexible at the same time at the daily work with youth care, it is very supportive and caring.  Parents/Carers and children often experience glances of shortcoming. Marte Meo however works on the strength of the individual. This is why the Marte Meo Method is by all means extreme effective to work in groups with individual children in a developmental supporting way, by reviews with the very child/children. Showing children and/or adults video clips concerning their everyday moments they will be able to build healthy pictures/images of themselves, while they recognize the results immediately. They manage to do so in this way »on their own strength«.
     Dipl. Social pedagogue

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[Photo, ltr: Judith Rhie, Tanja Weber, Jessica Bulig, Christa Thelen]

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