Marte Meo: Developing Competency - In Children's Best Interest 19 February 2012

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[Kristiansand, 2-2-2012] Rolf Rohde, Kristiansand, Norway, wrote us:
»Marte Meo As Part Of Developing Competency - In The Best Interest Of Children«
A network project between Western Balkan children’s homes and the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway, grounded upon the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The University of Agder was awarded the financial resources necessary to fund a three-year competency-raising project in the Western Balkans. These funds were provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under a program entitled: »Peace, Reconciliation and Democracy in the Western Balkans.«

The project aims to contribute to the establishment of a network between children’s homes. It also aims at raising staff competency levels in order to provide high-quality child care. Work is being completed to achieve these goals through organizational and sustainable staff development.
As a part of this program a groups of selected child care workers has been chosen to participate in the Marte Meo Practitioner education. Each children’s homes was provided a film camera and two colleagues from the same place film each other in daily interaction with children. When we meet for a two days seminar we give feedback on the films. We analyze the films together with the participants and underline the parts containing supportive interactions. The model and way of working in this program has been developed adjusted to local context and in accordance with the standards of Marte Meo International procedures.
The network of children’s homes is from Split in Croatia, Beograd and Uzice in Serbia, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Skopje in Macedonia. Until now we have had seminar days in Split and Sarajevo. In May 2012, we will meet in Beograd. In this way of traveling about in the West-Baltic countries we also learn to know and experience the culture and the way of living and upbringing in this part of Europe. The sixteen participants, being children’s nurses as well as psychologists and pedagogues, find it stimulating and challenging to take part in the interaction analyzes.
Traveling the Balkan regions we clearly saw, like one of them said, »the emotional hunger of the child« and the »desire for contact«. Another participant stated: »Now I have been working in this children’s home for so many years, and by working in this way, I have found the enthusiasm I had when I started.«
We as instructors, also see how the candidates achieve new skills in daily interaction moments as they with their children.

Photo: The group of Marte Meo Practitioners to be, our interpreters and seminar leaders, assistant professor, PhD Ingrid Lund, Marte Meo Therapist Anne Helgeland, Supervisor Anne Britt Willumsen and Licensed Supervisor Rolf Rohde in front of Hotel Saraj, in Sarajevo.

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