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  1. [Uploaded 05-04-2015] (New Design; published previously Nov. 2011) Dr. JEAN CLARKE & YVONNE CORCORAN & Dr. MEL DUFFY (Dublin City University, May 2011): The Dynamics Of Sharing Professional Knowledge And Lay Knowledge - A Study Of Parents’ And Professionals’ Experiences Of Childhood Interventions Within A Marte Meo Framework (Marte Meo Magazine, Art. 18E) (Click here)
  2. [Upload: 07-03-2015] INGRID LUND & ROLF ROHDE: »I discovered something new about myself« | Marte Meo as a basis for increased capacity for mentalization (Marte Meo Magazine Article 48E; German translation in preparation) [Click here]
  3. [Uploaded: 01-03-2015] ULRIKE STENING-PETERS: Entwicklung begleiten: Beziehung gestalten im U3-Bereich der Kindertagesstätten (Article 44G; English translation in preparation) [Click here for German survey]
  4. [Uploaded: 01-03-2015] MARLIES SCHAEFER: Care: People with Dementia (Pflege & Begleitung demenziell erkrankten Menschen - English translation in preparation). Marte Meo Magazine 2015 | Artikel 47G [Click here]

Dr. Med. URSULA BECKER:  »No, I won't eat my soup« - Extreme food refusal and autonomy (»Nein, meine Suppe ess’ ich nicht« – Nahrungsverweigerung und Autonomie). Expected November  2014. English edition in preparation.]