Symposia »Marte Meo Movement Germany« [1]

Symposia »Marte Meo Movement Germany« [1]
[Heilbronn, 28-9-2011/Dresden, 3-9-2012] The Marte Meo Symposium, organised by the »Marte Meo Movement Germany«, Southern Region, with the speakers Prof. dr. Gerald Hüther (Neurobiologist) and Maria Aarts (founder of the Marte Meo Method) at the 28. of September 2011, was attented by over 650 participants. Subject: »Education and upbringing creating in a potential way«. [Information concerning this symposium: Sabine Herrle:]

The next Marte Meo Symposium will be held on the 3rd of September 2012 in Dresden. Organisation: Marte Meo Movement Germany, Eastern Region. Further information: Markus Bach, E-mail:
See Flyer on this website.
[Photo, keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Gerald Hüther & Maria Aarts]