Improving interactions and social-emotional development

Improving interactions and social-emotional development
The Marte Meo Method helps to improve interactions and social-emotional development.

For the first time, at 12th of June 2014, the Team of Marte Meo Medical International could present the Marte Meo Method at a medical congress in Switzerland:

A presentation with film at the third joint congress of Swiss pediatricians, surgeons for children and juveniles and psychiatrists for children and juveniles that took place on 12th./13th of June 2014 at the Congress Center Basel in Basel, Switzerland.

The following Abstract has been published in the Swiss Medical Weekly, The European Journal of Medical Sciences, Supplementum 203, May 26, 2014, p. 10.

After the congress this Swiss medical scientific Journal was sent to all Swiss medical doctors.
It seems that in Switzerland the Marte Meo Method should now be accepted as a valid scientific method for at least certain medical fields.

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