Marte Meo arrives in Tasmania!

Marte Meo arrives in Tasmania

In 2016 Maria Aarts was a keynote speaker at the Early Childhood Australia (ECA) conference in Darwin. Staff who attended the conference from the Cygnet Community Children’s Centre, a small town south of the capital Hobart, became very interested in how Marte Meo could support them in their work.

The staff tracked down Joy Elford, Marte Meo Licensed Supervisor from Marte Meo Adelaide who offered to do a presentation in their little community for anyone who was interested. In July 2017 the first gathering took place in Cygnet and as a result Kerrie Hansen from Gowrie Training and Consultancy began planning to offer the training in Hobart. In 2018 Maria Aarts ventured to Tasmania and spoke to a large gathering of people involved in early childhood from a range of organisations, inspiring many about the possibilities.

Following Maria’s visit Joy has offered and completed two groups doing Practitioner training and there are big plans for the coming year in 2019. Joy also held workshops and was a presenter at Gowrie’s ‘Destination Tasmania’ conference in July 2018 where once again the Marte Meo information was received with interest and enthusiasm. Another basic training at Practitioner level will be offered from March and then later in the year it is proposed to begin the next level of training at Therapist and Colleague trainer level.

Participants have been inspired and many are eager to go on to the next level of training. Not only is this bringing positive support for the children but participants are frequently commenting about how much more they enjoy their work. Those who train with colleagues are speaking of their shared Marte Meo language around what is happening for the children and having a framework for understanding the needs of the children. Everyone enjoys the practical nature of the information and the realisation that it can all be used in everyday interactions without needing to set aside ’special’ time.

If you would like more information about the exciting things happening in Tasmania and how you may be able to join in, you can contact Joy Elford or Kerrie Hansen at Gowrie Training and Consultancy

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