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Comments by Parents helped by a MARTE MEO PROGRAMME

- I feel I have been more capable of communicating with my children and to notice/see/catch their signals

- We are more confident as parents and because of that, we all are more relaxed

- We have been more confident as parents to notice signals and confirm our boy before he gets restless and screw himself up

- Incredibly rich in learning; I would never have caught on if someone had just explained to me what I should and should not do.

Community Care Social Work

Peter Coughlan & Liz Donohoe, Social workers, Eastern Health Board, Dublin, Ireland:
- The MARTE MEO method has given us a constructive orientation point which is refreshing in an area of work which is used to focussing in the main on problems and difficulties.

- Video interaction analysis allows us to see the smallest improvements within families, improvements previously unnoticed by the naked eye.

- MARTE MEO offers clear and practical information which has brought the theories of child development to life in a way that it is transferable to families and colleagues alike.

Family Therapy, Systemic Approach and N.L.P.

• Reidun Hafstad, Social worker, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, and Haldor Øvreeide, Psychologist, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Bergen, Norway:

The MARTE MEO method gives an opportunity to name problems in a way that goes for solutions. However we were used to analyse interaction and interventions on meaning levels; with MARTE MEO we got an instrument that could be used on the action level as well.

Angela Hefer, MARTE MEO therapist, and Prof. Peter Bünder, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Familienberatung der Stadt Köln, Cologne, Germany:
We both work with a systemic approach in child guidance. In our work with families, the MARTE MEO method has always proved its worth. Parents are happy and satisfied if we can help them to make the communication with their children easier and more effective.

Annegret Sirringhaus-Bünder, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Private practice, Cologne, Germany:
In my daily practice, counselling families and giving them therapy and supervising and training social workers, the MARTE MEO method has become my favourite tool for addressing questions involving children’s development.

Carole Gammar, Paris, France: ?Since many years I have been training family therapists in Europe. As a supervisor for therapists working in psychiatric hospitals, clinics, and the court system (judicial) with children, adolescents, adults and their families, I have begun to apply MARTE MEO. MARTE MEO is an excellent tool for therapists helping parents to develop. The video analysis and feedback skills of Maria Aarts are structured and clear, and applicable for all ages.

Residential Care

Brendan Ryan, MARTE MEO supervisor in the field of residential care for adolescents with general learning difficulties, Dublin, Ireland:
The MARTE MEO approach seemed simplistic in nature, but we were all amazed at the success generated by its use. The video analysis showed clearly that, when the information elements of the programme were followed, natural channels of communication were opened, between caregivers, parents and their children.

Catherine Sheridan, Royal Oak Childrens Centre, Dublin, Ireland:
- All our children in residential care have great needs in the area of communication and social development support. Therefor I was looking to finding out about a programme that had a lot of support to offer in this area. The MARTE MEO programme has given us an appreciation of how children interact and the important role the adults plays in supporting their communication and social development.

- The concrete MARTE MEO information was invaluable for us and also supported us in other areas of our work with the children.

Paul and Terry Hofmann, Therapeutic educationists, Heil pedagogische Lebensgemeinschaft, Bern, Switzerland. Terry Hofmann is also a MARTE MEO licensed supervisor:
With MARTE MEO ever since 1995 we have been able to work very effectively with video-analysis. In daily life therapy with high risk mothers who live with us with their babies, it is very useful to have a resource-oriented method to stimulate the development of the mothers’ skills, which are frequently inadequate. In addition, MARTE MEO has helped us create a quality-control programme for our professional team. The clips of daily life situations have a different impact than words can ever have…

Foster Care

Margaret Beaumont & Patricia Byrne, Eastern Health Board, Dublin, Ireland: ?We feel very positive and very excited about incorporating the MARTE MEO method as part of our skills in all areas of fostering work. It is indeed refreshing to be involved with a method which makes concrete the many theories we use on daily basis. It offers the foster families such a practical tool and helps us in the areas of intervention and prevention which is entirely positive and rewarding.


Bjørg Grova, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Ass. Professor in clinical psychology, University of Bergen, Norway:
- We have found that teaching and demonstrating the elements of the MARTE MEO method has been a unique way to help the students understand child development and to identify those aspects of communications which support further development.

- The ways of analysing communication and applying video feedback to induce change in interaction were qualitatively different from any previous method we knew, and seemed very promising.

Toril Havik, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor Head of department, Chief psychologist Centre of advanced studies in childcare, Faculty of psychology, University of Bergen, Norway:
- In an evaluation study all of the 20 families state that they have been much helped by the intervention with the MARTE MEO method.
- 15 parents stated that it has been very helpful, 5 stated that it has been helpful.
- 18 families stated that working with the method has led to positive changes.
- 19 parents stated that the intervention has given them new knowledge on child development support.
- 18 stated that it has given them new parenting capabilities.

Ingegerd Wirtberg, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Dr. Med. SC, Lecturer at the department for psychotherapy, Lund University, Sweden:
It has been, and still is, fascinating to observe how the concepts and methods of MARTE MEO have spread rapidly in Sweden, and become integrated and used in different treatment and educational areas.


A Psychologist, Radboud University Hospital, Nijmegen, The Netherlands:
What I like so much in the MARTE MEO Programme is the common language. As a psychologist, as a academic, you very often tend to think and speak in a certain way, very often at too high a level. MARTE MEO clearly shows and justifies the style of simple language in order to pass this detailed information on child development support on to the parents who need something very special. This appeals to me very much.

Florrie Widén, Child psychiatrist, Danderyd Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden:
MARTE MEO is back to basics. Back to the basic elements of communication. We are so filled up with theories; MARTE MEO on the contrary is so clear and so concrete. MARTE MEO helps me to make more profit from my theories. It makes the work so concrete and shows what can be done by the staff at the child psychiatry ward. Our families get better help now.

George Downing, Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France:
As chief supervisor for two child psychiatry out-patient units for Salpêtrière Hospital (Paris, France) I find MARTE MEO an invaluable instrument. It has added a new precision both to what I see and how I help guide the process of treatment. Separate from her technical innovations Maria Aarts’ sheer experience working with children is a wonderful resource herself.

Sioux Green, Social worker, Te Mana Hauora O Te Tairawhiti, Gisborne Hospital, Gisborne, New Zealand:

It works! Of course it does, but what a joy to experience it myself! The mama has put an “emergency” card on the wall, which says, “Wait… Name the initiative,” in case she falls into the trap reacting too fast. Her baby is responding so well, she can now enjoy getting to know her little baby better!

Child Psychiatry

Rigmor Grette Moe, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Leader of the Milieu Unit, Nic Waals Institute, A regional centre for psychiatric health care for children, youth and families, Oslo, Norway: ?- The MARTE MEO method is an important supplement that gives us an opportunity to concentrate directly on some basic aspects of communication and to give the parents a tool which they themselves can use to increase growth-stimulating interaction with their children.?- Also in the work with families and children with neurological problems the MARTE MEO method is a very relevant method.

Mental Health Care

Sujata SenGupta, MARTE MEO licensed supervisor, Reach, Community centre for disabled, Calcutta, India:
- As we proceeded through the MARTE MEO Programme working hand in hand with parents of children with a handicap we learned strengths anew and helped parents to recognise their own existing potentials.

- On the professional level we quickly saw the difference in the supportive behaviour rendered by those who were acquainted with the MARTE MEO Programme and those who were unacquainted with the programme.

Elmarie Erasmus, Ministry of South-Africa, Randburg, South-Africa:
I have always been interested in the fact people of high IQ can flounder and people of modest IQ can do surprisingly well. It has all to do with emotional intelligence, and that is what MARTE MEO is all about.