4. Can you inform us about the MARTE MEO PROGRAMMES?
The MARTE MEO programmes contain concrete and detailed information packages about human interaction and development from different areas. These packages in turn contain practical knowledge about:

  1. How to identify opportunities for development;
  2. Which natural supportive behaviours are required to assist development, and
  3. How this knowledge can be incorporated into the natural system of the individual so that they can learn the new skills in the most efficient way possible.
The information packages were developed through observation and analysis of human interaction. Video is the most important tool used for interaction analysis. Within the MARTE MEO programmes, the video becomes a behavioural microscope. Everyday interactional sequences are recorded, and can then be analysed at leisure and in detail. A number of such sequences from related areas provide information about more generable patterns. These patterns can then be made available to others. Examples of such patterns are analysed in general. Specific areas of child development are social development, emotional development, language development, intellectual development, etc. In that way the MARTE MEO information is concretising the academic studies on child development.