Training Curriculum

Maria Aarts

The five Marte Meo Certification Levels

There are Marte Meo certificates at five levels:

  1. Marte Meo Practitioner
  2. Marte Meo Colleague Trainer
  3. Marte Meo Therapist
  4. Marte Meo Supervisor
  5. Marte Meo Licensed Supervisor

Revision Courses

Revision Courses or Revision Days will be given to those who hold a Marte Meo Certificate.
(See further: Certification)

The Training Process. Tailor-made Courses

It is hard to put most of the training process into writing, especially the parts about personally learning to adopt the MARTE MEO attitude and combining and integrating the basic information. The training courses entail very personal communication from individual to individual. It is people's business.

Via the personal transference of information often linked to the specific situation, various training courses are given which lead to one of the certifications. If the information was presented in printed form, essential parts of the dynamics and potency of the method would be lost.

The MARTE MEO method requires that absolute attention be devoted to this process during the training of new MARTE MEO supervisors. The supervisor giving the training sees to it that the personality, individual talents, and cultural and professional know-how of the trainee all remain intact.

The trainee is enabled to integrate MARTE MEO information into his daily work in a unique and personal fashion. Each trainee learns to put the method into daily practice. The information is provided on the basis of impressions the trainee gives of the clients and the work situation.
Sometimes it is necessary to create a tailor-made course or sometimes clients may ask for such a course. Time and time again Maria Aarts has done so and will do so in the future.