Maria Aarts

♦ Five Marte Meo Certificate levels and Revision Courses

There are MARTE MEO CERTIFICATES at five levels:

  1. Marte Meo Practitioner
  2. Marte Meo Colleague Trainer
  3. Marte Meo Therapist
  4. Marte Meo Supervisor
  5. Marte Meo Licensed Supervisor

Recently we changed the course name of the »Marte Meo Practical level« to »Marte Meo Practitioner«. Upon completion certificates can be awarded to participants and they can be registered with Marte Meo International, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Some Pedagogue graduates may wish to commence a six-day course to become a »Marte Meo Colleague Trainer«, which is also due for certification.

♦ Training process of Marte Meo Practitioner

Within organisations, people in certain professions can undertake special courses specifically designed for their own daily work. In these six-day courses trainees are being trained in Marte Meo skills, often as in-company training. The trainees learn to see the needs of their clients and how to deal with those needs.

At the moment thousands of professionals have already been trained in this way to use Marte Meo elements in their daily work. This process of transferring information is most prevalent in the following fields:
  • Health care
  • Day care
  • Kindergarten
  • Institutions
  • Schools.
♦ Training process of Marte Meo Colleague Trainer

The course to become a Marte Meo Colleague Trainer consists of 18 training days.

During the first part of the course (spread over 6 days in a period of 6 to 12 months) the trainees learn to use Marte Meo skills in their own daily work. This first section is the Pedagogue part of the course.

In the second part of the course (again 6 days, spread over a planned period) the prospective Colleague Trainer learns to analyse video films connected to situations in his/her own work field.

Following the above process he/she is trained in the third part of the course (in another 6 days, spread over a planned period) to transfer his/her acquired Marte Meo information to colleagues in their own work field, after which the trainee can qualify as a Colleague Trainer.

♦ Training process of Marte Meo Therapist

Maria Aarts developed a Ten-Step Checklist for the learning process of Marte Meo Therapists. Practical advice on each step is given during the course. The instructions for preparing the accreditation session contains among others:
  • A written account of four cases on paper with a short overview of the developments of the child, the family or the individual.
  • During the first clip of one's film, the candidate should be able to show that he/she can make a professional diagnosis.
  • The candidate should be able to link this to the developmental needs of the child and the request for help from the parents or other caregivers.
  • The candidate must be able to make the appropriate steps in making and displaying a film, and to explain the essential content of it.
(A detailed explanation of the Ten-Step Checklist, developed by Maria Aarts, is given in the book »Marte Meo. Basic Manual«, revised 2nd edition 2008, page 172 et seq, by Maria Aarts, published by Aarts Productions, The Netherlands, ISBN 978-90-75455-16-8. Ordering in the webshop on this web site, or mail to:

♦ Training process of Marte Meo Supervisor

The focus of the supervision is to successfully reinforce the trainee's progress and enable him/her to become a Marte Meo Therapist. The relevant information can be found in the section on the training process for Marte Meo Therapist (See above and/or the publication »Marte Meo. Basic Manual«, revised 2nd edition 2008, Maria Aarts, published by Aarts Productions, ISBN 978-90-75455-16-8. Ordering in the webshop on this web site, or mail to

Another important component is teaching the trainees the communication skills they need to transfer information to the parents or caregivers. Extensive practical information about this point can be found in the sections in chapter 5 of »Marte Meo. Basic Manual«, (revised 2nd edition 2008, page 193 et seq., ISBN 978-90-75455-16-8. Ordering in the webshop on this web site, or mail to
The points on the reviewing checklist will also be useful in the course for supervision sessions.

It is important to adapt the basic Marte Meo information for specific developmental problems. Maria Aarts has given a number of common examples of this in chapter 6, on »Developmental Problems«, in »Marte Meo. Basic Manual« (revised 2nd edition 2008, page 217 et seq., ISBN 978-90-75455-16-8. Ordering in the webshop on this web site, or mail to

Certificate requirements for the Marte Meo Supervisor:
  • As a Marte Meo Supervisor, you have to show you have been able to help trainees go through a developmental process in their own style and on their own strength, giving them the professional skills needed to effectively use the Marte Meo Programme in their field of work at the level of Marte Meo Therapist.
  • A Supervisor has to be able to concretely demonstrate that the trainee has successfully counselled four to six clients or families.
  • The Supervisor follows the trainee throughout the entire process for this express purpose.

Examination Process:
There are two requirements in reaching Supervisor Level:

  1. The trainees of the prospective Supervisor need to be able to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary skills to practice as Therapists. This takes place during an examination process with the Licensed Supervisor.
  2. The prospective Supervisor needs to be able to demonstrate on film his/her own process in training these Therapists. This also takes place during an examination process with the Licensed Supervisor.

Upon completion of the above stages both the newly qualified Therapist and the newly qualified Supervisor receive certificates at their own level. They can then be registered with the Marte Meo Network in The Netherlands.

♦ Selection of Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors

Maria Aarts herself selects Supervisors to become Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors. They have usually worked with her for years and been through all the trials and tribulations. In each new country where she operates, for the first three years or so she takes time to intensively supervise various projects. In the course of these three years, she trains new supervisors from the country itself. After the three-year period, Maria Aarts selects one or more of the new supervisors from the country and invites them to become Licensed Supervisors. They work with her to further the development of the Marte Meo Programme in their country.

As part of this working relationship the Licensed Supervisors are her main contact persons in their own country and maintain intensive contact with her.

Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors train local Therapists and Supervisors.
- Quality Check:

In their own country, Licensed Supervisors train Marte Meo Therapists and Supervisors up to the certificate level. Licensed Supervisors can give the required examinations themselves. The certificates are then issued and registered by the Marte Meo International Organisation in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Since the Licensed Supervisors are thus in contact with the universities, institutes, clinics, government and private agencies and so forth that use the Marte Meo Programmes, there is a practical quality check on the Marte Meo applications and programmes.

International meetings of Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors:
Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors need to be able to work well with other Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors in their own country as well as abroad. Approximately once every year and a half, there is a two-day International Meeting of Marte Meo Licensed Supervisors. The meeting is hosted by a different country each time. The host country arranges for presentations on special projects there. Each Licensed Supervisor can propose items for the agenda, so that up to now, each meeting has been a unique experience. At the meetings, Maria Aarts always presents an overview of the latest international developments.

♦ Marte Meo Revision Courses & Revision Days

Those who hold a Marte Meo Certificate may wish to keep up-to-date with the newest developments within Marte Meo, the new Marte Meo Programmes and applications.
New is that revision courses or days will be given by Maria Aarts to those who wish to update his/her knowledge in a specific field. The first course especially for Licensed Supervisors will be given in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
From 2005 on there will be courses in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Other European countries may follow.
Upon completion a course a certificate is given and will be registered with Marte Meo International, Eindhoven.