[Trier, 26-09-2014] Start Autumn Season Events

Marte Meo International | Maria Aarts | Developmental psychology | Entwicklungspsychologie | Caritasverband für die Diözese Trier e.V.
[Eindhoven, 04-10-2014] It’s quite seldom, that I stay at Eindhoven for a long time. Mostly I’m traveling around, because that belongs the work. But this summer period I was at home for over 2 months. Of course not just free wheeling, always enough work around. But the pace is different, with time for nice things, like staying in the beautiful baroque city of Lecce/Puglia, Italy. At the end of August, closing in much quicker then I thought, the first Marte Meo Course at my international Marte Meo Centre, Eindhoven, was held. And then the roller coaster took off:
Marte Meo events in Croatia (Silvija Phillips Reichherzer),
Bergen (Marte Meo Medical & Marte Meo Nordic Congress),
Bielefeld (ILK),
Warendorf (Caritas; with Michael Hipp),
Osnabrück (Marte Meo Bewegung Germany Symposium & Yearly meeting Supervisors),
Trier (Caritas),
Ludwigshafen (LuZi, City Ludwigshafen),
Saarbrücken/Bexbach (Community Family Centre),
Groningen (Zorggroep Groningen, in-company).
While all the events were fully booked or nearly sold out, people hopped from congress to congress to get last seats, some even mailing me for advocacy.
Now that September came to an end it feels so good to see Marte Meo professionals working so hard on interesting subjects, helping out people, learning every day and showing new possibilities. Seeing so many getting energy from each other and their daily successful efforts to set them going on with their important work, it feels wonderful. And there are so many stimulating moments coming, I’m sure of that.
I wish you all a nice October period.

Big Smile,
[E-mail: aartsmaria@martemeo.com]

[Photo: Billboard at City Hall, Trier, Germany, 26-0-2014 - ©2014 Hans Honders]