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Marte Meo Manual 'GOLDEN GIFT'


Title Marte Meo Manual 'GOLDEN GIFT'
Author Maria & Josje Aarts
Language English
Pages 112
Price € 30.00
Published September 2020
ISBN 978-90-75455-33-5
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This book, ‘The Golden Gift’ is the new manual of the Marte Meo Method.

The Marte Meo Manual gives information about which moments one can use Marte Meo Supportive Communication Skills to be able to support development in daily interaction moments.

This manual is for Marte Meo professionals and also will be of interest to all professionals who wish to work in a developmentally oriented way.

The ‘Golden Gift’ concept
In everyday life, there are many opportunities to support the development of children and adults. In Marte Meo, we make these moments visible opportunities to give children and adults an ‘golden gift’ they will benefit from their entire life. In this book, you will find information to help you improve the quality of everyday moments of interaction.

Problems are opportunities for further development

This book outlines the importance of how to recognise and use opportunity moments to support people to have a better quality of life.

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