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What to do if you want to change and/or complete your uploaded data on this website?

The parts »Personal Data« and »Institute/Employer's Data« can be changed and/or completed:

  • Fill out the part »Your Certificate Data«. (Please, exactly as given on the website so the website system can identify you.)
  • After filling out »Your Certificate Data« correctly, you can complete/change the parts »Personal Data« and/or »Institute/Employer's Data«.
  • You can change the activation of the E-mail and Website items as well. (NOTICE: If you're permitted to upload Certificates you only can do so, if you did activate an e-mail address!)
  • When ready, click on the red button »Submit Modification Form«.
  • You will receive an affirmation mail of your modification as soon as possible.

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(Please fill out exactly as shown on the website so the website system will identify you. These entries can't be changed.)

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